Past Presidents

President Year Company
J.L. Cahill 1947-1949 Continental Pipe Line Co.
P.L. Reichard 1949-1950 Gulf Refining Co.
J. Delbert Jones 1950-1951 Gulf Refining Co.
F. C. Whiteside 1951-1952 Carter Oil Co/Interstate Oil Pipe Line
R. P. Lennart 1952-1953 Service Pipe Line Company
Ben D. "Tex" Leuty 1953-1954 Colonial Pipe Line
B. M. Moroney 1954-1955 Gulf Refining Co.
I. B. Tietze 1955-1956 Phillips Pipe Line Company
E. A. Slade 1956-1957 OKAN Pipeline/Warren Petroleum
H. D. Chrislip 1957-1958 Kerr McGee Oil
H. T. Chilton 1958-1959 Service Pipe Line Company
G.P. Jennings 1959-1960 Phillips Petroleum
Walter E. Biery 1960-1961 Suntide Pipe Line Co.
Gilbert V. Rohleder 1961-1962 Mid America Pipe Line Co (MAPCO)
Dave A. Roach 1962-1963 Mid America Pipe Line Co (MAPCO)
R. J. Forrest 1963-1964
Gus L. Maciula 1964-1965 Williams Brothers Pipe Line Co.
Vincent E. Butler 1965-1966 Williams Brothers Pipe Line Co.
E. C. Michels 1966-1967 Gulf Interstate Engineering
L. E. Anderson 1967-1968 Service Pipe Line Company
Aubrey O. Weatherholt 1968-1969 Cities Services
O. E. Bryant 1969-1970 OMR Pipeline Co.
J. H. Vaughan, Jr. 1970-1971 Phillips Pipe Line
T. D. Williamson, Jr 1971-1972 T.D. Williamson, Inc.
J. M. Ware 1972-1973 United Centrifugal Pumps
Ray Keearns, Jr 1973-1974 Williams Brothers Pipe Line Co.
John B. Benear 1974-1975 Explorer Pipeline
R. Scott Van Dyke 1975-1976 Cities Service Oil Co.
Joe W. Bondurant 1976-1977 Mid Continent Pipe Line Co.
H. V. Christensen 1977-1978 Phillips Pipe Line
Otto Doner, Jr 1978-1979 United Centrifugal Pumps
Bob V. Faith 1979-1980 Cities Service Pipe Line Co.
John Sulton, Jr 1980-1981 J.W. Johnston Co.
S. Fred Isaacs 1981-1982 Mid America Pipe Line Co (MAPCO)
Trella M. Carter 1982-1983 Williams Pipeline Co.
Don R. White 1983-1984 Universal Parts Repair
Rod E. Sands 1984-1985 Explorer Pipeline
Herb N. Whitney 1985-1986 Citgo Pipeline Co.
Ray Penderson 1986-1987 Mid America Pipe Line Co (MAPCO)
Gary L. Bracken 1987-1988 Willbros Energy Services Co.
Larry H. Wewers 1988-1989 Pinkstaff Consulting Associates
Don L. Wiruth 1989-1990 Williams Pipe Line Co.
Sam Johnson 1990-1991 Daniel Valve Co.
John D. Hair 1991-1992 J.D. Hair & Associates
Steve Shores 1992-1993 Willbros Butler Engineers
Leith V. Watkins 1993-1994 Mid-America Pipeline Co.
Steve Everley 1994-1995 The Sulton Co.
Ron Coleman 1995-1996 Continental Ozark
Terry Post 1996-1997 Citgo Petroleum Corp.
Marilyn Shores 1997-1998 Williams Pipe Line Co.
Kent Pearson 1998-1999 Flow-Quip
William Koon 1999-2000 Willbros Engineers
Ron Morrison 2000-2001 Mead & Sons
Alan Carmichael 2001-2002 Williams Energy Services
Holly Forsythe 2002-2003 Park Pipeline Products
Joe Blankenship 2003-2004 Trigon-Sheehan
Randy Byers 2004-2005 Cleveland Inspection
Kevin Fox 2005-2006 Willbros Engineering
Dennis Vasicek 2006-2007 Magellan Midstream Partners
Brian Jobe 2007-2008 SemGroup
Jason Klintworth 2008-2009 Willbros Engineering
Dan Egner 2009-2010 Magellan Midstream Partners
Brent Wiruth 2010-2011 Willbros Engineering
Gene Hallman 2011-2012 Flint Energy Services
Geoff Hager 2012-2013 Big Elk Energy Services
Brett Biesemeyer 2013-2014 ENGlobal Engineering
Dwayne Herrold 2014-2015 Select Engineering
Jamie Graves 2015-2016 Magellan Midstream Partners
Mike Sanders 2016-2017 SNT Solutions
Trey Hamra 2017-2018 Industrial Piping Specialists
Monette Hutton 2018-2019 Citizen Energy III
Taylor Lagorin 2019-2020 Resolute Engineering
Susan Slattery 2020-2021 TRC Companies
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